Join more than 4500 Dancers worldwide who use Dance Specific Training 
Become the best version of yourself both on and off the Dance floor
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* This is an 8-week program.
* Dance Specific Training.
* Build Mental Discipline.
* Become Consistent.
* Created to help you reach your DREAM BODY at top speed 
* Lifetime Access
Join more than 8500 + Dancers who use Dance Specific Training

Become the best version of yourself 
both on and off the Dance floor

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  • The Queen Community
    Only for members of this MOVEment of Dancers
    You will have lifetime access to this program
  • ​Instructional videos for every exercise
    with Tanja
  • ​​Meditation Videos
    with Tanja
  • ​Follow Along Workout Videos
    with Tanja
  • ​​​Follow Along Workout Videos
    with Sebastian
  • ​Knowledge library
    Clear instructional videos for you to gain complete understanding of important concepts such as; macros, proper lifting, techniques and much more..
  • ​Webinars
    Here Sebastian or Tanja will teach you important concepts all connected to mental discipline
  • ​​​Weekly Live Workouts
    Every week you can train together with your coaches and allies Live*
  • ​​​F​REE E-BOOK Intermittent Fasting
    Everything you need to know, by dancers for dancers
  • ​​Coaching call
    You get one free coaching call with BFAS team. This is for you to get help mapping out your goals, ask your questions and make sure you know what to do 
Join more than 4500 + Dancers who use Dance Specific Training

Become the best version of yourself 
both on and off the Dance floor

Havka Kulo - Student From The Queen Sculpting Program

"The program has been a great success.
The registration was easy, everything well explained before payment and the website is easy to use. Also the fact that very minimal equipment is required if any, and that all workouts are completely doable at home are definitely the perks of the program. Pointless to risk it at the gym at the moment, in case they are even open.
Although I had to pause a few times I still managed to build some lean muscles and maintain them through the inactive week without being super sore after starting again.
The web page has a good structure and contents have been very easy to find.
Each movement is clearly demonstrated and almost impossible to do wrong.
I have noticed that I have improved my posture quite a lot since I started with this so it is actually hitting directly those culprit parts of my body that have been slowing me down from the development of my skills.
I bet everyone who does it and has the dance-background can see that this has been tailored especially for dancers, although anyone would benefit from it.
When I was sick and unable to do the workouts, I felt awful, and like I have forgotten something.
This tells me on a personal level that this is now adapted as a healthy habit instead of something I "have to do".

A big thank you for putting everything together and sharing your valuable knowledge"
What happens after 8 weeks?
When you purchase this program you will have it forever. So no more dollars spent for this 8 week program. You will also remain with a lifetime access to the queen community.
Is it only a 8-week program?
Actually not! There are more follow along workout videos next to this program that you can continue to do once you are finished. Or even to start with to get in a bit better shape before starting the program. Up to you Queen.
I'm not very fit right now..
This does NOT matter. In fact there are variations and levels to everything when you are exercising. Make sure to follow the instructions given at the beginning so you understand how to approach this program. This is made for ALL levels and the training intensity progress. This means week one is much easier than week four. So if you don't feel like you can manage the workouts in the given week, stay in that week until you are ready to continue. If this is how YOU chose to do. There are endless of ways to do it. 
What is the coaching call?
This is a bonus for you to talk in person with someone in our team. We will help you map out a roadmap for you to success. This is completely free for you as a member and we truly recommend you take the chance to get some inspiration and guidelines
Is it only follow along videos in this program?
No, there is a combination.
You will have instructional videos for the whole 8 week program (every exercise!) in combination with follow along Dance Specific HIIT videos, Meditation, Stretching and more..
Who is this for?
This program is really for anyone who wants to accelerate with professional help. You will, no matter how fit or "unfit" you are this program will take you to the next level 
What is the community?
You become an important part of our online community of like-minded dancers who wants to push themselves to that next level. We have a closed FB-group where we post things daily to motivate each other and ourselves. 
Every month you are more than welcome to join our Webinars that has been a tradition for over two years now. We talk about dance, training, nutrition, mindset and ambition.
The price for this 8-week program is normally $297. Right now we are running a 50% discount! Get all details on the next page.
8 Weeks Queen Sculpting
This program will never grow old. When you commit to this program, the results will be undeniable, and forever in your pocket
Meditation & Mindfulness
You have pre-recorded meditation videos with Tanja in the program available. But you can also join weekly sessions right now
Follow along
Easy to follow program with instructional videos to every exercise
Community &
Not only is this an 8-week Lifetime access Dance Specific Training Program but you also become a part of a huge worldwide MOVEment that will help you push yourself to the next level. 
Together we are strong!
Let's be honest, you might have questions along the way. So feel free to join our weekly live webinars where we talk about Dance Specific Topics...
We want to equip you with everything you need.
That is why you also will have access to this amazing VIDEO Library
Some of the videos include;
* Program explanation
​* Superset explanation
* "The ​Perfect Form"
​* Warm-up videos
​* "The Perfect Plate"
​* Calories vs. Macros
​* How to "Count Your Macros"
​* Intermittent Fasting Explained
​* Gratitude with Alemana
​* Guided Meditation with Alemana
* ​Motivation with Alemana
* Stretching with Alemana
This is an 8-week program and we strongly recommend you follow the program all the way through. The program remains yours and you will still have access after to it after the eight weeks
One Free 
Coaching call
Do you want personal guidance or help?
Book your free call with the team!
Once you have signed up for your program you will get access to our community exclusively for dance specific students
Weekly Live
This is not a mandatory part of your original program, but feel free to join our Weekly Live workouts!
"INTERMITTENT FASTING - Everything You Need To Know"
This book will help you get amazing results in combination with the Queen Sculpting Program